(I am the spirited pumpkin) 

My name is Madeleine, but unless you want me to recoil in fear, please call me Maddie. I spent my first two years of college in Nashville studying music business and then realized that I was not particularly fond of either. I found my way to the University of Texas at Austin where I forgot I had applied to study advertising. Lucky for me, this turned out to be a lovely choice and I graduated from the Texas Creative sequence in December of 2019.

I’ve been told I write like I speak, so take that for what it’s worth. My SNL opening monologue has been prepared since I was 8 years old, even though it was written to be graciously laughed at by bygone cast members. I’m very bad at telling jokes because I think I’m so funny that I can’t stop laughing before I’ve delivered a punchline. I will never turn down a midnight movie, my favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, and my nails have been painted the same color for more or less 3 years. My dog is named Grandpa and my grandpa is named Charles. I’m an only child, a Scorpio, and am TABC certified. Use this information as you will.

Also, I’m a copywriter.

Please inquire within.

972.310.4517 (if you prank call [crank call???] me, please do so only during regular business hours)